Hello and welcome to Darnell Custom Bicycles. We are a small operation with mighty goals. We are committed to cycling excellence and we do this by helping you get a bicycle that fits your unique feel, supporting local riders, and donating to a good cause.


We offer customizable carbon bicycles for ultimate comfort while saving weight.

The Darnell carbon frame is a high modulus carbon fiber 12K or 3K weave for strength and comfort.  Each frame is a monocoque design.

These bicycles are completely customizable so you can pick and choose every part from your rear derailleur to your cable housing.
Darnell carbon frame

We also offer handmade custom steel frames to match your personal measurements and sense of style.

The traditional Darnell frame is constructed with Columbus tubing with investment cast lugs and comes with an Easton EC90 SL fork.
Darnell steel frame